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3D Glossy Icon Set

3D Glossy Icon Set offers professional cons which will deliver a great look and feel to any website., application
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4 March 2013

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Designing a website or setting up presentations take up a lot of time and are crucial for the betterment of a company. There are many factors that go into preparing presentations and websites from scratch and each and every one of them counts. One of these factors is Icons. Icons play a huge role in designing as they increase the overall visual appeal of the project or site which attracts more customers and increases your company’s reputation as being creative. 3D Glossy Icon Set 2013.1 is a software tool that provides the user with many varied amounts of predefined and rendered icons for use and utilization. The software application only deals in professionally created icons which are full of the best quality available.

This software application is designer’s dream come true as it gives him a barrage of choices to pick from and many options that he can use in order to create that perfect site or project. The icons come in a variety of formats which range from PNG to BMP and many more. They also differ in sizes which help the user to choose the most appropriate one according to his needs. This saves the user a lot of money as well as time as now he does not need to create icons right from scratch and this helps him in being more creative as it also provides him with new ideas. With a onetime purchase all the issues related to copyright are also removed and put at bay. The icons can be used over and over again with different colors and sizes included within the software application.

This tool certainly helps the designers in making their work much easier by providing him with a variety of choices. It gets a score of 3 out of 5 for bringing back creativity and ingenuity into the designer’s life.

Publisher's description

3D Glossy Icon Set provides a toolkit of professionally designed icons suitable for use on your website, application or range of business presentation documents, including Microsoft Office presentations using Excel, Word and PowerPoint. For just $99.95, you can download the complete icon toolkit of 3D Glossy Icon Set which are ready for immediate use and will form the perfect foundation for your icon library as a professional designer.
Save time and money by re-using great looking icons which come in a variety of formats including Portable Network Graphics (PNG), Microsoft (ICO) and Bitmap (BMP). 3D Glossy Icon Set also come in a range of sizes from 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64. In addition they also come in 256 and true color variants and are available as normal, hot and disabled states to provide excellent user-experience of the status of your website functionality or application status.
The background is transparent and the 3D Glossy Icon toolkit delivers 118 individual and unique designs at your disposal. 3D Glossy Icon Set provide a professional look to any presentation or website and they can be integrated in minutes with any design - imagine how much time your development team will save having a ready-to-use set of professionally designed icons! A one-time purchase also removes any copyright issues with using a similar or identical icon design to those which are already widely available on the market - we certify that these icons are unique and are licensed to you to use on an unlimited use basis.
Now you can incorporate icons into your designs with ease and because they are professionally designed, you will not encounter many of the common issues with icon design which can render a site ugly or unprofessional, such as pixilation or blurring caused by enlarging an icon. 3D Glossy Icon Set will also look great when they are printed out, rendering a smooth, sharp image - buy today and enjoy the great look of your website or application!
3D Glossy Icon Set
3D Glossy Icon Set
Version 2013
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